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Resident Advisor Review of Three Ages of Woman / Mother:

On "Three Ages Of Woman / Mother," she gracefully layers her dramatic soprano vocals, combining her delicate side with overpowering emotions, bringing to life lyrics by the Iraqi feminist poet Nazik Al-Malaika. The first in a series of suites, "Three Ages Of Woman / Mother" is a fascinating single that focuses on a woman experiencing sexual awakening and death, creating vivid imagery of this journey through the power of voice and poetry.

Review of Alya Al-Sultani X Mariam Rezai at Cafe Oto

"...their improvisation provided a welcome injection of rhythmic dynamism, contrasting with the continuous flow of the other sets. Erotic playfulness, the mating of the human voice and the machine, was their apparent theme, moving in and out of recognisable texts (I want you/female/this is how it is). Al-Sultani unleashed considerable vocal power, and her virtuoso vocalising engaged playfully with the turntables."

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