Kalimat is a collaboration between SAWA, a trio of three soloists (Alya Al-Sultani, Clemens C. Poetzsch, Shirley Smart) and electronic artist Lossy.  Featuring the one-of-a-kind instrument The Fluid Piano, this double A-side single features a heady mix of hypermodern electronic soundscapes, heavy beats, Arabic poetry sung and improvised and polyrhythmic and microtonal explorations. 


Released in June 2016 on Two Rivers Records.


Alya's first non-classical recording was recorded in New York with the Shamash Ensemble which she put together especially for this explorative and playful album. The album features some of New York's most exceptional world and jazz musicians. Given four stars by Songlines Magazine, each track explores musical influences, from Alya's contemporary jazz compositions to new treatments of Iraqi folk music to free improvisations. 

Released in April 2015 on Two Rivers Records. 


Imagine an Arabic female voice, wandering through space and clusters of notes, distortion and pure sound, taking you on a journey through Iraqi and Arabic folk songs as you've never heard them before. 

Sawa is a trio of three established soloists and bandleaders that began as a collaboration between British-Iraqi composer and vocalist Alya Al-Sultani based in East London and award- winning composer and pianist Clemens Christian Poetzsch from Leipzig.